Why Toronto FC Must Pursue John Terry

Former Chelsea captain John Terry has expressed his desire to move out of the EPL, so here’s why Toronto FC should pursue him before it’s too late.

The MLS must be sick of Chelsea players by now. They already have the likes of Frank Lampard, Ashley Cole, and Didier Drogba come Stateside and now John Terry seems to be next in line. It’s quite apparent why MLS teams would be targeting ex-Chelsea players; after all, they want the best. Every single one of these players has joined a big city to help grow the league – New York, LA, and Montreal respectively. Therefore, it only makes logical sense to have John Terry follow suit and play in front of the best fans in the MLS right here in Toronto.

The MLS is starting to become the place that everyone wants to go to when their career in Europe is finished. MLS purists have always hated the label of “retirement league” – and while a move Stateside would ruin Terry’s label of being a one-club man – there’s no doubt in my mind that Terry can make an immediate difference by playing on an MLS team. Besides, retirement league only works if the players can’t perform when they make the switch. For the most part, they’re still playing at a high level.

There’s been a drop off in Terry’s play this season, but it hasn’t been a drastic one. I’m not buying the idea that he wouldn’t become a star in the MLS and replicate his previous form. He’s still playing regular first team minutes over Gary Cahill, and the fact that he still has a starting spot in the EPL at age 35 is a true testament to his skill. Besides, what’s the area that Toronto need to improve the most? That’s right, defense!

For a team that’s trying to go all in this year, they would be crazy not to pursue Terry when he’s available. And as Grant Wahl reminds us, it was very recently that another MLS team won the Cup with a foreign defender:

(He was talking about Liam Ridgewell in case you didn’t catch that)

Granted, TFC have already done an incredible job in shoring up their backfield this season. Drew Moor can step in right away and pair alongside Damien Perquis while they give Clement Simonin time to develop. But depth is always an area of need and the biggest appeal of John Terry is that he would come free.

Having Moor, Perquis, Terry, and Zavaleta all vying for starting spots is a good problem to have. That being said, it’s still a problem. Drew Moor didn’t come here just for a spot on the bench. However, starting spots should be earned – if Moor is up to it, he could even give Terry a run for his money in the TFC lineup. And Moor can always fill in for Damien “Glass” Perquis if and when he gets injured.

STOKE ON TRENT, ENGLAND – DECEMBER 07: Fans hold up a banner in support of John Terry of Chelsea prior to kickoff during the Barclays Premier League match between Stoke City and Chelsea at Britannia Stadium on December 7, 2013 in Stoke on Trent, England. (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)

Terry’s leadership qualities are also something that is completely unrivaled – he’s called “Captain, Leader, Legend” for a reason. The best thing he can do for the club is help the development of the young centre-backs – who almost surely looked up to Terry. Having a great leader is something that cannot be underestimated, and can change the entire makeup of a squad overnight – just look at the way Drogba transformed the Impact. Terry can do the exact same thing if he steps into the TFC lineup.

Finally, when he said that he wouldn’t be returning to Chelsea next season, he also made it clear that he wouldn’t join another Premier League club. If he comes to Toronto, he can rest assured know that we’re not affiliated with a Premier League team and have him sent on loan somewhere before the regular season starts.

What say you, reader? Would having John Terry play for TFC be something you’d embrace, or reject? Forget the fact that he has a shady past, too. Any NFL fan would be lying if they said they wouldn’t want Adrian Peterson on their team. Let us know what your thoughts are by hitting us up on social media or in the comments below.