Report: Damien Perquis could play for this Ligue 1 team

A statement from Damien Perquis’ agent came out expressing interest in a Ligue 1 return in an effort to get a cap for Euro 2016.

Christophe Hutteau (h/t Walking the Red) has indicated that his client Damien Perquis is not against a return to Ligue 1, with Bordeaux and Toulouse having contacted him. The Polish centre-back, has spent most of his playing career in France, mostly in Sochaux but also Troyes and Saint-Etienne.

With TFC having picked up Drew Moor, the club could benefit from getting rid of one of their centre-backs. Many thought that Ahmed Kantari would be the one who would see the exit, but this report suggests it could be Perquis who will be deemed surplus to requirements. The Polish defender certainly had a better season than Kantari, and if not for consistent health problems, could’ve been a great help to the Reds’ backline.

It should also be worth noting that just because it came from Perquis’ agent doesn’t make it true. He released this statement because he thought a Ligue 1 return would be in his best interest, and would make his chances of getting capped for the Polish national team higher. However, we have seen Defoe and Cesar come to Toronto to try and win a cap for their World Cup teams – although it only worked out for one. In reality, the only one that knows whether Perquis has been contacted is Hutteau himself.

The move makes sense from a financial standpoint. If he leaves, he would be getting rid of $372,500 in guaranteed salary while it leaves a spot for Drew Moor to slot right into. Then again, given the choice between Kantari and Perquis, I’m sure most fans would rather see Kantari leave.

This is just the beginning of the January transfer window and rumours like this one will continue to fly around. Considering the club has already picked up plenty of defensive reinforcements, it’ll be curious to see how active Tim Bezbatchenko will be during this time. We can’t imagine he’ll be as active as the last two summers, when he took the MLS offseason by storm, but he will likely keep his eyes peeled on a goalkeeper, which really remains the last piece of the puzzle.