Staff Predictions: Toronto FC vs Vancouver Whitecaps

We predict what the outcome might be for Toronto FC versus Vancouver Whitecaps.

Toronto FC had a stellar home opener last week, and you can expect the same tonight. The crowd will be hyped and ready to see an all Canadian matchup on a breezy Saturday night.

The Whitecaps come to town with two straight wins after only getting seven points in their first seven games. They are lead by the strong midfielder Pedro Morales and Costa Rican international Christian Bolanos. These two could cause some problems, but if TFC can bring what they brought against FC Dallas, then they should be in good hands.


David: I’ll go with 2-0 TFC. Every win has been a clean sheet so far, and I think they keep that pattern going since our defence is en fuego! While Giovinco hasn’t scored in a while, he’s still influencing the game in other ways. Without him, TFC would literally have zero goals on the season. And for as much as I’ve criticized altidore, he loves playing against the whitecaps. Hell get a goal today and also flip off a fan.

Matt:  I’m gonna say 2-1 TFC. We’ve been playing some really great football these past couple of weeks, and the team is slowly forming its identity. Bradley has excelled in his central role alongside Will Johnson which has helped us, and will continue to help us, immensely this season. Our defence looks solid but I have a feeling Vancouver can grind a goal in with their attackers. However they’ll be no match for the MLS MVP GIOVINCO who I think will step up and get the brace tonight, as he hasn’t scored in a couple of fixtures.

Anthony: I predict a 1-0 win for TFC. The Reds are coming off a hard fought win against FC Dallas, and if they can continue that solid defensive work against the Whitecaps, then a 1-0 win should be enough for them to continue their run of good form. The Whitecaps are coming off back-to-back 2-1 wins and look to be regaining themselves after a tough start.

Markus: I say a 2-0 TFC victory. A strong performance from the defence and Altidore scores two. Also expect a strong showing from Osorio.

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