Toronto FC Prank Teammate Sebastian Giovinco (Video)

After winning their home opener, some Toronto FC players decided to play a little joke on their star player.

When your team is winning, its always good for moral to have some fun. On Thursday, after a long day of training, some Toronto FC players go together to play a joke on star player Sebastian Giovinco.

It started with Drew Moor and Will Johnson blocking Sebastian Giovinco’s car so the Italian couldn’t get in. Rookie Tsubasa Endoh recorded the joke occurring from the top floor of the Kia Training Ground.

Giovinco is seen going to his car and seeing that he cannot get in. He notices that Johnson and Moor have blocked him and he looks around to see how he can get out. The players joke around saying there’s no way, but Johnson is seen locking and unlocking his car. Giovinco is then able to get into Johnsons car, and the Canadian international jokingly says, “now i’ll lock him in.”


This kind of humour is in good humour and I’m sure Giovinco laughed as well. It’s good to see the team joke around like this and have some fun, especially after their performance last Saturday against FC Dallas.

Giovinco, who is still looking to break Dwayne De Rosario‘s all-time team scoring record, is starting to form a nice bound with the rookie Endoh, assisting in his first career goal and looking for the Japanese winger whenever he pushes up the pitch.

In all seriousness, TFC will be back at the training field on Friday as they prepare to take on fellow Canadian rival, the Vancouver Whitecaps. This harmless joke goes to show that the team looks to be bonding, and that can only be positive going forward.