Will TFC Return to Victory in This MLS Matchday? | New York RB vs. Toronto FC

For a new date in the MLS, Toronto FC will visit New York RB in a highly important match for both teams, as they are in a crucial part of the season for making it to the postseason.
Will TFC Return to Victory in This MLS Matchday? | New York RB vs. Toronto FC
Will TFC Return to Victory in This MLS Matchday? | New York RB vs. Toronto FC / SOPA Images/GettyImages

It is not the best lead-up to this match for Toronto FC, but The Reds want to do everything possible to turn things around in this part of June, where they have only known defeat in their last three matches. For New York RB, it's also not a great moment, as their last three matches have resulted in two draws and one loss, making it a terrible month for both clubs.

However, for New York RB, the situation is more comfortable in the standings, as they are 3rd in the Eastern Conference, while TFC is in 7th, fighting to stay in the playoffs.

A Very Positive History for New York RB

Ahead of this match, New York RB is undoubtedly the favorite. Their home advantage is one of the best this season, and they have an excellent record against Toronto FC. In the last 21 home matches against TFC, New York RB has won 16 times.

Looking at the past five years, these teams have faced each other 29 times, with Toronto FC winning only 17% of these matches (5), while New York RB has won 51% (15), and the remaining 32% ended in a draw (9).

In the last five encounters, New York RB has dominated Toronto FC, winning 3 matches and drawing 2. The most recent match between these two clubs was on October 7, 2023, when New York RB, playing at home, thrashed Toronto FC 3-0.

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A Disadvantage for Toronto FC

It’s a bleak outlook for Toronto FC, especially considering their current losing streak and the players not responding well in the second halves of matches. Therefore, this is expected to be the match that gets TFC back on track, breaking the streak against New York RB and earning crucial points in the Eastern Conference.

For this match, they continue to miss players participating in the Copa America, and additionally, Federico Bernardeschi is out due to illness, along with Shane O'Neill, Servania, and Tyrese Spicer.

It is hoped that Toronto FC can bring back 3 points to BMO Field from this match. Even though they are not playing with their main star, Lorenzo Insigne will lead the team's offense, guiding Herdman’s side to victory.