John Herdman Continues to Struggle with Toronto FC's Results

On June 19th, Toronto FC suffered another defeat in the most disappointing circumstances, with all their hard work in the first 45 minutes of the match wasted in the second half.
John Herdman Continues to Struggle with Toronto FC's Results.
John Herdman Continues to Struggle with Toronto FC's Results. / SOPA Images/GettyImages

Toronto FC cannot seem to turn things around in the MLS and appears to be stuck in a mindset of failure, which greatly affects their performance in each match. This has been evident for several games now, where they cannot hold onto advantageous positions, allowing potential victories to slip away.

In this particular match against Nashville, it was a severe blow for the team. Despite having a 1-0 lead, they failed to manage it, and the visitors came back to win 2-1 with a goal in the 90th minute.

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John Herdman Speaks Out After the Defeat to Nashville

John Herdman has had a completely devastating week as a coach, particularly because the team is not meeting expectations and the hard work put in during training sessions. Herdman expressed his disappointment with his team.

"I was proud of about 55-60 minutes tonight, but those last 30 again, it seems like the old TFC is back. We just wobbled, we looked insecure, we looked timid. It looks like we can score. But when it looks like we can score, it looks like they’re going to score very quickly, and that’s a challenge."

John Herdman

The team has been facing very difficult adverse results, and June has been far from positive. They suffered a defeat to DC United with red cards included, a heavy loss to Chicago Fire at BMO Field, and now a comeback defeat to Nashville, also at BMO Field.

"I thought we could find that rhythm we discovered, but we just needed to be more clinical to put the game out of sight. On another night, we’ve seen it. Against Dallas and Montreal, we were able to go for the jugular, and tonight we didn’t. And again, when you get to the last 30 minutes and you have to make changes and bring in quality and experience, it’s tough."

John Herdman

Now, Toronto FC must focus on their match against New York RB on June 22nd. Continuing to drop points could cost them a spot in the postseason. The team must fundamentally improve both defensively and offensively.