Toronto FC is One Month Away from Debuting in the Leagues Cup!

• The schedule doesn't stop for Toronto FC, and a competitive stretch is approaching

• Two tough matches to start the Leagues Cup for TFC

• Herdman's work in the coming months must be exhaustive to achieve positive results

Toronto FC is One Month Away from Debuting in the Leagues Cup!
Toronto FC is One Month Away from Debuting in the Leagues Cup! / Anadolu/GettyImages

For Toronto FC, the schedule never ends, especially now in this part of the season. They need a deep squad to compete in every tournament they're active in and, why not, to win them.

We are exactly one month away from seeing TFC debut in their first match of the Leagues Cup, where they will face a not-so-favored but well-known opponent. Additionally, they will face a Mexican team, also aiming to win this championship.

Toronto FC's Leagues Cup Schedule

Their first opponent will be New York Red Bulls, with whom they recently competed in the MLS on June 22nd. The result was not as expected for The Reds, losing 3-0 away in one of their worst nights of the 2024 season. They will meet again on July 27th, but this time for the Leagues Cup.

Their second opponent will be Pachuca from Mexico, who reached the quarter-finals in the last Liga BBVA MX Clausura, being eliminated by the champions, America. They will face Toronto FC on August 4th, in a decisive match to determine who advances to the next round of the Leagues Cup.

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Toronto FC's schedule is increasingly demanding, and their squad depth is not the greatest to handle the upcoming matches in July and August. Additionally, injuries are a factor that works against the team, and they need to achieve the most positive results possible.

It's also worth noting that their current streak is not too negative, and overcoming it is necessary to continue competing in the MLS, as well as in the other two tournaments, the Canadian Championship (Semi-finals) and the start of the Leagues Cup.

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