Lorenzo Insigne's Match for Toronto FC in the Defeat vs New York RB

• Tough defeat for Toronto FC in the visit to New York

• Lorenzo Insigne stands out among the negatives

• The experienced Italian footballer must inspire TFC to break the losing streak

Lorenzo Insigne's Match for Toronto FC in the Defeat vs New York RB.
Lorenzo Insigne's Match for Toronto FC in the Defeat vs New York RB. / SOPA Images/GettyImages

On June 22, Toronto FC suffered a heavy defeat away against New York Red Bulls, continuing their losing streak in the MLS this June. Despite the loss, Insigne's performance in this match was noteworthy.

Playing for 69 minutes in this match, Lorenzo Insigne didn't have a poor performance despite the 3-0 defeat against New York Red Bulls. The Italian showed good decision-making and ball handling but continues to struggle defensively, with the 32-year-old veteran being increasingly expected to contribute.

For Lorenzo Insigne, not finding the back of the net can be frustrating, but with his experience and level of play, he needs to be the leader on the field to encourage the team to push forward despite the challenges.

His Statistics Shine in a Dark Night for TFC

In this match between Toronto FC and New York Red Bulls, Lorenzo Insigne managed 76 touches of the ball, where his decisions were mostly correct, yielding impressive statistics despite the loss. He completed 86% of his passes (59/69) and had a high success rate in long passes at 75% (3/4).

However, a major issue remains the number of ball possessions the Italian loses, with 13 turnovers in this match. Notably, he wasn't aggressive in seeking goals, with only one shot off-target, but he did provide two key passes that unfortunately did not result in goals for TFC.

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It is hoped that the team will bounce back, with Lorenzo Insigne leading on and off the field, motivating Toronto FC players to keep striving for victory. Both defensively and offensively, they need to maintain order to become better in every match they play.

This upcoming June 29, they will face Atlanta United away. A defeat would be a severe blow at this stage of the MLS season, where the playoffs are approaching quickly, and Toronto FC needs to secure a spot with a level of play that helps them become more competitive.