An injury that harms Toronto FC

Following the MLS match between Toronto FC and FC Dallas, the home team suffered a significant setback in the 19th minute of the game, causing high levels of concern for the season.
An injury that harms Toronto FC.
An injury that harms Toronto FC. / SOPA Images/GettyImages

In the victory experienced on May 4th at BMO Field, not everything was perfect for Toronto FC due to the early loss of Raoul Petretta in the first half of the match.

An early setback during the victory against FC Dallas

The 27-year-old Italian footballer had to be substituted in the 19th minute of the match against FC Dallas. After receiving a knock from the footballer Petar Musa, he experienced several discomforts to continue in the match, prompting him to request a substitution. Sigurd Rosted came on to play the remaining minutes of the match.

For John Herdman, this injury to Raoul Petretta is quite painful and significant, as injuries at this stage of the season are extremely dangerous for this TFC squad, already with 5 players on the sidelines awaiting Lorenzo Insigne's recovery, hoping to emerge from a dark period in terms of injuries.

"We're already quite thin coming into this stretch. We're crossing our fingers, but if he has to come out so early, I can't imagine it. We'll see soon."

John Herdman

With these statements from Herdman, it's clear the concern that exists for this setback and how it could be crucial for the season. "This will be a big problem for us."

TFC is already looking ahead to their Canadian Championship match, and while it's expected that they will rotate players in this encounter, they'll be seeking to assess the capabilities of some non-regular starters to find the main replacement for Petretta. Additionally, this stage of the season is a period where they must take great care, given the schedule that will see them playing up to 2 matches per week in the coming months.