An Exciting Preview for the Canadian Championship Semifinal | Forge vs Toronto FC

• An exciting duel for the Canadian Championship

• Both teams arrive at this match in a bit of a difficult moment

• Who will make it to the final of the Canadian Championship?

An Exciting Preview for the Canadian Championship Semifinal | Forge vs Toronto FC
An Exciting Preview for the Canadian Championship Semifinal | Forge vs Toronto FC / SOPA Images/GettyImages

After much anticipation to resume the Canadian Championship, the day has arrived to contest this exciting trophy. The match is set for July 10th between Forge and Toronto FC for the first game of this duel.

Toronto FC arrives at this encounter with a negative streak. This match is ideal to regain victory and restore confidence after recent MLS encounters. Meanwhile, for Forge, reaching the semifinals is a significant achievement, but they are determined to go all out for the Canadian Championship.

The preview leaves us with the sensation of a great match, a fascinating duel for this first leg, where perhaps we will see a close game that could be decided at BMO Field. At the moment, the feelings are better for Forge than for the team led by Herdman.

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How do the teams arrive at this encounter?

Forge is in a moment of ups and downs this season. While they started their local championship well, they have since declined. Their last 5 matches consist of 2 losses, 2 draws, and 1 win, occupying 5th place with 18 points, just 7 points behind the leader, with one game less played.

Their last match was on July 4th, where they drew 3-3 against Vancouver FC in a goal-filled duel, where neither team could gain an advantage over the other. This was Forge’s last match ahead of their clash against Toronto FC.

For Toronto FC, the atmosphere is extremely negative regarding recent encounters, as they have accumulated 6 consecutive losses in the MLS, experiencing one of the worst moments in the club’s history. It’s not ideal to reach the Canadian Championship semifinal with such a record.

Toronto FC’s last match was against Columbus Crew, where they lost 4-0 as visitors against one of the best teams in the MLS. It has been several complicated weeks for Herdman. A resurgence against Forge is highly anticipated.

Herdman asks for trust in the process, aiming to lead the team out of this negative period. However, this goes beyond just confidence, requiring significant changes in team planning. We will see how John Herdman handles this with Toronto FC, as he aims to avoid continued losses.