11 Matches Left in the Regular MLS Season: Toronto FC Aiming for Playoffs

• Toronto FC in a slump that needs to be overcome to reach the Playoffs

• TFC’s quest for a third championship

• John Herdman needs to change the team’s strategy to succeed

11 Matches Left in the Regular MLS Season: Toronto FC Aiming for Playoffs
11 Matches Left in the Regular MLS Season: Toronto FC Aiming for Playoffs / Harold Feng/GettyImages

The MLS season is nearing its final stretch, and for Toronto FC, this part of the season has been extremely challenging. The team has gone from being in the top Playoff spots in the Eastern Conference to falling out of the picture, currently sitting in 9th place.

For John Herdman's squad, the start of June has been torturous. Since then, the team has suffered through one of its worst stretches, with 1 draw and 6 consecutive losses in 7 matches, starting from June 1st.

Seven Weeks Without a Win for TFC

The team's last MLS victory came in the 401 Derby against CF Montreal, where they won 5-1 at BMO Field on May 24th. That match was nearly perfect, and there was hope that TFC could surprise in the MLS and make a significant leap towards the Playoffs after several disappointing seasons.

However, that hope turned out to be just an illusion. Since then, TFC has played 9 MLS matches, resulting in 2 draws and 7 losses. This troubling streak has raised many questions about both the players and John Herdman.

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Toronto FC's Tactics Need a Change

Starting with whether the 3-5-2 formation should be Toronto FC's lineup, Herdman has persisted with it, but the results have not been favorable. In his latest statements, he acknowledged the need for new signings to address the significant absences due to injuries or off-field issues affecting the players.

For TFC, the remaining 11 MLS matches will be like finals, and they hope to find new momentum for the rest of the season. Their next match is against Forge in the Canadian Championship semifinal, where they aim to break their losing streak and gain motivation for their MLS match against Philadelphia Union on July 13th.

These 11 matches are crucial for the club, and they are playing all-or-nothing. It is expected that Herdman will adjust the team’s strategy to avoid another season of failure and that the players will adopt a winning mentality to succeed in MLS and other competitions that Toronto FC is involved in.