John Herdman Remains Positive for Upcoming Matches but Fails to Convince Fans

• Another crushing defeat for TFC in the MLS

• Toronto FC has now suffered 6 consecutive losses

• John Herdman asks for confidence from his squad

John Herdman Remains Positive for Upcoming Matches but Fails to Convince Fans.
John Herdman Remains Positive for Upcoming Matches but Fails to Convince Fans. / Andrew Katsampes/ISI Photos/GettyImages

This past July 6th, Toronto FC faced yet another defeat, this time a painful 4-0 loss to Columbus Crew, a team hungry for goals and eager to compete for a spot in the MLS Playoffs, something that Toronto FC seems to lack the desire for.

In his post-match statements, John Herdman made it clear that he doesn't understand why the team is experiencing these misfortunes and that they are conceding goals more due to their own lack of focus than to the merit of their opponents. He expressed confidence that the team will bounce back and improve significantly for the next match.

A Painful Defeat for Toronto FC

"The fight was there, but you look at the goals we're conceding. I know the guys are disappointed. They’re really disappointed with the recovery or just some of the instincts in and around the box. That can be worked on."

John Herdman

It seems that John Herdman's tactical plan continues to fail, and the coach doesn’t seem to realize it, as he insists on his typical 3-5-2 formation, where the gaps on the wings are increasingly evident. The quickest solution appears to be changing the formation to a 4-4-2 or 4-2-3-1, but Herdman refuses to make these changes.

"Sometimes you see the tactical plan can stifle teams, it can also create opportunities, but when it comes to quality versus quality, we found out. You have to look at reality. Columbus shows up with a full team tonight, the only missing player is Jacen Russell-Rowe. Orlando shows up with a full team. We’re ragged and hanging on, but it will turn when our quality returns."

John Herdman

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The tactical approach of other teams always seems to be better than that of Toronto FC, and this is where the team, or rather the coaching staff, fails. On another note, Herdman also mentioned his hopes for Laryea and Osorio to succeed in the Copa America, believing they have what it takes to win it.

"We want them to go and win the Copa America, and we know they’re just around the corner. The tournament will hopefully end with them winning a trophy and coming back with a level of confidence they can bring to Toronto FC, giving us a chance to fight for those playoff spots."

John Herdman

Finally, it is expected that new signings will arrive as soon as the transfer window opens, as Toronto FC urgently needs reinforcements, especially in defense and midfield, to counteract absences and the poor performance of several players.

"The transfer window is already open for us. I know the board has players almost ready to go, so we're there. When the window opens, we should be ready to go and add some depth to this team."

John Herdman