Tyrese Spicer has had a positive impact on Toronto FC

The player, at just 23 years old, is making positive contributions in his debut season with Toronto FC, where it is expected that he will have a promising future at the club.
Tyrese Spicer has had a positive impact on Toronto FC.
Tyrese Spicer has had a positive impact on Toronto FC. / SOPA Images/GettyImages

At only 23 years old, Tyrese Spicer already has full confidence in his game development, and while the forward has been a great choice for TFC, seeking a young player who responds on the field, they found the player from Trinidad and Tobago, who in his first season with Toronto FC, has already made a good impression on the fans.

At 23 years old, here is his sports career

The footballer has a short career as a footballer. In 2022, he played for Tennessee SC in the USL League Two, a semi-professional league in the USA and Canada. Then in 2023, he played for Des Moines Menace, where from there, he made the big leap to the 2024 MLS Super Draft.

Spicer was selected in this MLS Super Draft as the first overall pick by Toronto FC, where before the selection, he had already signed a contract with TFC. The 23-year-old footballer made his debut with the club on March 16, in a substitute appearance against New York City FC. While it wasn't a positive day for Spicer, as he couldn't score after the 2-1 defeat against this team.

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However, the footballer didn't take long to make his goal-scoring contribution to the club, and on March 23, he had his goal-scoring debut against Atlanta United in his debut as a starter, playing 81 minutes, and his goal came in the 35th minute of the first half. This was a great start for the Trinidad and Tobago player in Toronto.

Only a few weeks have passed since the start of his professional career, and Tyrese Spicer is already showing what he's made of, having already contributed 3 goals for TFC in both the MLS and the Canadian Championship. This start is crucial for him and the team, where he is showing why he was selected as the 1st overall pick.