5 Non-Negotiable Starters for Toronto FC Matches

In a positive stretch of the season for Toronto FC, John Herdman manages a squad that delivers results and, above all, provides security in each recent match.
5 Non-Negotiable Starters for Toronto FC Matches.
5 Non-Negotiable Starters for Toronto FC Matches. / Anadolu/GettyImages
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The preparation Toronto FC has undergone in recent games has been essential for fostering a winning mentality and optimism regarding the most important matches in this phase of the season.

From strength to strength, TFC has grown since the beginning of the season and in the MLS they are already firmly positioned near the top of their conference, yielding the expected results that have been awaited for a long time.

Here are the five non-negotiable starters for Toronto FC this season:

1. Prince Owusu

The German forward has become the goal-scoring guarantee for Toronto FC. With a fantastic start to the season under John Herdman's direction,

Owusu has scored 5 goals in the last 4 matches, making him the team's top scorer and providing assurance in one of the team's most important positions. His form seems to be heading towards greatness, with hopes that he will continue to score more goals for The Reds to the delight of the fans.