Toronto FC's roster with a significant salary issue in the MLS

On May 16th, the MLS Players Association shed light on the Spring 2024 salary guide, revealing the salaries of all players across MLS teams.
Toronto FC's roster with a significant salary issue in the MLS.
Toronto FC's roster with a significant salary issue in the MLS. / SOPA Images/GettyImages

As expected, the guide presented by the MLSPA showed that the team spending the most on salaries is Inter Miami, given the presence of stars like Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez, Sergio Busquets, and Jordi Alba. It's obvious that the club has a massive surplus in paying these footballers.

However, it remains a mystery how the Miami club manages to stay within the league's salary caps despite having such high-profile players. In this guide released on May 16th, we also saw how Toronto FC doesn't lag behind in this publication, as they rank second on the list behind Inter Miami.

Toronto FC's salary situation in the 2024 season

Toronto FC has a salary expenditure of $31.4 million, which includes guaranteed compensations for its players. TFC occupies the second spot due to its two most important stars, Italians Lorenzo Insigne and Federico Bernardeschi, who together account for a salary total of $21.9 million.

An excerpt from Toronto FC News Outlet exclusively lists the top 10 highest salaries at TFC, with Lorenzo Insigne topping the list at $15.4 million and Deybi Flores rounding out the top 10 with $456,000.

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There should be greater demands concerning these salary figures

Furthermore, as the availability of revealing these salary issues of clubs arises, it's necessary to demand performance on the pitch. For Toronto FC, the sporting aspect in recent years has been very negative, failing to make playoffs for quite some time. Even though the 2024 season is showing improvement, it still doesn't convince fans with its gameplay.

It is hoped that Toronto FC will manage to do its job and make it to the playoffs, competing directly for the MLS championship. However, this must be done with the help of its key figures, who, just as they receive significant salary recognition, must demonstrate what they're made of on the field.