Toronto FC's Packed June Schedule in the MLS

A new month of competition arrives for Toronto FC, and this time in June, just like the previous month, the competitiveness will increase in this mid-season stretch of the MLS.
Toronto FC's Packed June Schedule in the MLS.
Toronto FC's Packed June Schedule in the MLS. / SOPA Images/GettyImages

For Toronto FC, this season has been extremely positive compared to previous years when making the MLS Playoffs seemed quite distant. But this season, everything has changed. With the arrival of John Herdman, TFC appears renewed and hungry for victory.

Currently, in the tough Eastern Conference, Toronto FC is competing at a high level. So much so that Herdman's team is in 6th place in the conference, competing head-to-head with the 15 teams in the East.

For this month of June, things remain as John Herdman specified a while ago, where they must continue to overcome the adversity of a schedule that involves playing nearly two games each week. However, this month, the difference lies in the FIFA date that gives a break to competitions.

These are the matches Toronto FC will play in June:

  • DC United vs. Toronto FC (June 1)
  • Toronto FC vs. Chicago Fire (June 15)
  • Toronto FC vs. Nashville (June 19)
  • New York RB vs. Toronto FC (June 22)
  • Atlanta United vs. Toronto FC (June 29)

These will be the 5 matches Toronto FC will play in June, with an almost two-week break for the FIFA window, where national teams will play their friendly matches ahead of international competitions such as the EURO and Copa America.

Toronto FC hopes to secure several positive results from this schedule, aiming to accumulate 15 points out of a possible 15 in these matches. It will be crucial to have the entire squad available. However, there will be players who will participate in the Copa America in June and July, which will be significant absences.