Toronto FC Players in the Copa America Semifinal | Venezuela (3) 1-1 (4) Canada

• Canada secures a historic win on penalties

• Jonathan Osorio and Richie Laryea continue to earn minutes with their national team

• Argentina and Canada face off again in the Copa America semifinals

Toronto FC Players in the Copa America Semifinal | Venezuela (3) 1-1 (4) Canada
Toronto FC Players in the Copa America Semifinal | Venezuela (3) 1-1 (4) Canada / Omar Vega/GettyImages

In an exciting quarterfinal match of the Copa America, Canada managed to advance by defeating a tough Venezuela on penalties, with Toronto FC players playing a significant role in the game.

Throughout the 90 minutes, Canada showed superiority over Venezuela, but unfortunately, they couldn't capitalize on all their chances, as the lack of finishing remains a factor that affects Jesse Marsch's team in closing out matches.

Richie Laryea and Jonathan Osorio were in Canada's starting XI for this match, with Laryea showing an impressive performance, playing 72 minutes and contributing significantly throughout the Copa America. Osorio, on the other hand, had a less effective game, with several turnovers and was substituted in the 80th minute.

A Fascinating Match Development

The standout player of the match was undoubtedly the rising star Jacob Shaffelburg. Despite playing only 61 minutes, he clearly demonstrated his potential and proved that the future of Canadian soccer is in good hands. He scored Canada's only goal in the match at the 13th minute and had a fantastic overall performance.

The final result was decided by a setback in the 64th minute when Salomon Rondon scored a stunning goal for Venezuela, catching goalkeeper Crepeau off guard. This led to the penalty shootout, which Canada won after each team took six shots, with Canada scoring 4 and Venezuela only 3.

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A Rematch on July 9th

In the Copa America semifinal, Canada will face Argentina again, this time in a knockout match, setting up a highly anticipated rematch after Argentina's victory in the group stage.

The match will be played on July 9th, and Canada hopes to reach the final in what promises to be an exciting encounter. Toronto FC players will continue to represent their club on the international stage, showcasing the quality of work under John Herdman's leadership.