John Herdman: "It's the story of TFC this season."

• Herdman speaks about the situation Toronto FC is facing

• Clear plans for the work ahead this week

• An important match against a tough opponent is coming up

John Herdman: "It's the story of TFC this season."
John Herdman: "It's the story of TFC this season." / Howard Smith/ISI Photos/GettyImages

Toronto FC's struggles continue this season, now enduring a streak of five consecutive losses, the worst in the championship, with no sign of recovery.

John Herdman is increasingly frustrated as the week's work doesn't seem to bear fruit. Unfortunately, goal-scoring opportunities are not being converted, and the team is plagued by unfortunate incidents, like the own goal by Nicksoen Gomis, leading to losses.

Herdman’s frustration with the team

This match followed the same pattern as several previous ones, where Toronto FC struggles to maintain a lead. The defense becomes fragile during dangerous plays, conceding an equalizer, and shortly after, another goal. This cycle continues until the final whistle, resulting in another loss for TFC.

"It’s the story of TFC this season. These 20-minute periods where, for some reason, whether we’re playing at home or away, there’s just no desire or intensity. It’s as if the game becomes too easy. We take our foot off the gas. It’s a mental trap we keep falling into, and once it’s one or two guys, then three, then four follow, and you don’t get the rhythm to press or attack."

John Herdman

That precise moment when the team lets its guard down, feeling secure with the lead, but not expecting a strong response from the opponent, who also wants to take home the three points.

"There will be some tough conversations in the next couple of days, starting with everyone looking in the mirror during that 20-minute period. ‘What happened there, and why does it happen? Why do we fall into that trap game after game?’"

John Herdman

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These conversations will also be crucial for mental work, as on the field, TFC is not entirely off track but lacks finishing and 100% concentration during the match.

"I’ll start with myself and my staff. We’ll have some tough conversations, and then internally, I think each player will have to do the same because if this isn’t a turning point, then the season can slip away very quickly."

John Herdman

The match is over, but what matters now is what lies ahead for Toronto FC, which is an away game against Columbus Crew on July 6. This will be a very tough match as the hosts are on a positive streak of three consecutive wins.