Toronto FC enters the phase of enduring adversities until July

The schedule for Toronto FC will be quite challenging over the next few months in terms of matches, as they will face a stretch of the season filled with confrontations.
Toronto FC enters the phase of enduring adversities until July.
Toronto FC enters the phase of enduring adversities until July. / SOPA Images/GettyImages

In an interview with the media a few months ago, John Herdman talked a bit about how he would manage the phases this season for Toronto FC.

The squad must enter full concentration and optimize each player as best as possible so that from now on, they perform better and better in each match.

The phases that TFC has been broken down as follows:

P1: Establishing physical foundations (Florida preseason)

The preseason in Florida served to warm up to what this season would bring, being of great help to manage the squad to John Herdman's liking, studying the foundations that the club had to face the season. Therefore, it moved on to the next phase where the tactical plan would be formed.

P2: Establishing a tactical plan (California preseason)

This was also fundamental as the closest entry to the MLS debut. While the essential was based on how the team would shape up in the early matches, seeking important victories at the start of the season to consolidate themselves in the MLS in playoff positions.

P3: Mentality of concentration and being well positioned after 10 MLS matches

This phase was fundamental to evaluate the team and how, after 10 matches, they observed their position in the season, to know what positive points they have achieved with respect to these initial 10 games, and the conclusion closely follows the great improvement that the team has obtained compared to the previous season, as it accumulates 16 points occupying the 4th place in their MLS conference.

With 5 wins, 4 losses, and 1 draw, this stage ends, in which a positive performance was expected from Toronto FC as has been demonstrated so far.

P4: Enduring adversity until the Leagues Cup in July

In this month of May, the fourth phase mentioned by Herdman begins, where over the next few months, the TFC squad will face extremely challenging matches. The accumulated matches will mean at least 2 games per week.

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This indicates that the team will have a match every 3 days with little recovery time, and that squad rotations will play a very important role in this stretch of the season. The substitutes must become stronger and demonstrate their worth in the squad, giving the starters a break to have optimal physical condition in the most crucial matches to come.

Great work is expected in this stretch of the season from John Herdman with The Reds, and above all, to ensure that the entire squad is available for the upcoming matches and to increasingly secure their positioning in the playoffs as they have been doing in the last few games.