The Problems of Toronto FC in This MLS Season | New York RB 3-0 Toronto FC

Hoping for a possible victory away from home, Toronto FC encountered an entirely adverse scenario, from delays to a painful defeat in their visit to the New York Red Bulls.
The Problems of Toronto FC in This MLS Season | New York RB 3-0 Toronto FC
The Problems of Toronto FC in This MLS Season | New York RB 3-0 Toronto FC / Howard Smith/ISI Photos/GettyImages

For Toronto FC, these matches continue to be disappointing. Unfortunately, they still can't find their way, and Herdman is searching for possible solutions for this tough moment for TFC. However, it seems that the five-man defense with wing-backs is a disaster for the team.

A Very Complicated Visit for Toronto FC

The match started with several delays. An electric storm prevented the game from being played at the scheduled time, delaying it by almost two hours. The match resumed from the 10th minute. After this, everything began to turn very negative for Toronto FC, with the first goal for the home team coming in the 29th minute. The first half ended with this result, and Alonso Coello was injured, being replaced by Kosi Thompson in the 39th minute.

Everything continued to be bad news for TFC. At the start of the second half, New York quickly made it 2-0, dealing a severe blow to Toronto FC. In the 75th minute, the score became 3-0, the final blow from which Toronto FC never recovered after the first goal in the 29th minute.

Some Problems for TFC in Every Match

One issue is the absence of offensive play from the flanks. Playing with only one player on each wing places a lot of strain on that player, who has to run up and down constantly, making it an exhausting effort in the matches. Without any help except from the midfielders, disorder emerges on the field.

Not everything is the formation's fault. From the perspective of each match, the midfield line is also observed to be fragile, disorganized, and very penetrable for opponents. For opponents to reach the first line of defenders, it is a nightmare with every attack, and lack of concentration plays a fundamental role in Toronto FC's defeats.

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Added to this is the issue of finishing, where effectiveness is increasingly low, and they still can't score consistently as they did at the start of the season. Despite having more possession in this match against New York RB (59%), their approach to the opponent's goal was minimal, almost nonexistent, with only 2 shots on target without any real threat. The lack of finishing is another problem for TFC, along with their play construction in the final third of the pitch.

Toronto FC is now in 8th place in the Eastern Conference, at a point in the season where they cannot afford to lose more points. They have a week to work on their mistakes, as the next match is on June 29th, against Atlanta United away from home, where securing 3 points has become an obligation.