The Fantastic Match Derrick Etienne Jr. Had with Toronto FC

With a goal on June 1st, Derrick Etienne Jr. was one of the standout players in the match between Toronto FC and DC United, delivering a fantastic performance from start to finish.
The Fantastic Match Derrick Etienne Jr. Had with Toronto FC.
The Fantastic Match Derrick Etienne Jr. Had with Toronto FC. / SOPA Images/GettyImages

Following the draw between these two teams, Toronto FC managed to stand out significantly in their away game. However, issues with fouls and protests played a trick on them, leading to the match ending in a 2-2 draw.

The player who shone alongside Federico Bernardeschi this time was Derrick Etienne Jr. The Haitian forward demonstrated great ability, scoring an early goal in the match. In just the 2nd minute, after a wonderful assist from Bernardeschi, Etienne Jr. netted the 1-0 goal.

Derrick Etienne Jr.'s Statistics

In this match, the 27-year-old played for 81 minutes before being replaced by Richie Laryea in an attempt to close out the game. However, the misfortunes for Toronto FC cost them the match.

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During these 81 minutes, Etienne Jr. contributed very positively to TFC, adding a new goal to his stats. He completed 59% of his passes (13/22) and had a success rate of 33% in dribbles (1/3), which was one of the weaker stats in his performance.

On the other hand, his significant contribution was evident in the final third of the field. He made 4 key passes in the final third, had 4 ball recoveries, helped in the team's defense, and won 5 duels in this match.

The Haitian player showed a high level of play in this match. However, his great effort was not enough to secure the victory, as in the final stretch of the game, Toronto FC lost control, ending the match with 2 players sent off and a 2-2 draw against DC United.