The Misfortune of Toronto FC in Their Match Against DC United

On June 1st, Toronto FC came away with a draw in their visit to DC United, where a game that seemed secured slipped through their fingers.
The Misfortune of Toronto FC in Their Match Against DC United
The Misfortune of Toronto FC in Their Match Against DC United / Anadolu/GettyImages

For Toronto FC, the start of the match against DC United had been nearly perfect, quickly taking the lead thanks to the outstanding performance of their star player, Federico Bernardeschi. He showcased his speed and skill to find Derick Etienne Jr. and score the 1-0 goal just 2 minutes into the game.

A key aspect for Toronto FC has revolved around how lethal they become with Bernardeschi's mobility and ball management on the right wing. This season has seen a positive spotlight on his playmaking due to the incredible level displayed by the Italian.

The Unexpected Turn for Toronto FC on June 1st

However, what seemed like a rosy situation for Toronto FC against DC United turned into bitterness by the end of the match. With the score in their favor at 0-2, the misfortunes for TFC began in the 79th minute with a goal scored by DC United.

The next misfortune centered around the expulsion of Federico Bernardeschi, who left TFC with 10 men on the field after receiving a second yellow card for an unusual action—throwing the ball away to prevent a quick restart by the opponent, all this happening in the 87th minute. But, just 6 minutes later, Nickseon Gomis was also sent off after committing a penalty that DC United converted into a goal, ending the match at 2-2.

For Toronto FC, it was a painful loss, not only of the 3 points they could have taken home but also the loss of Nickseon Gomis and Federico Bernardeschi for the next MLS match on June 15th against Chicago Fire.

These things cannot happen again for Toronto FC, as they need to manage the game intelligently, both in decisions with the ball and without it. Such minimal errors can cost dearly, as seen on June 1st, turning a virtually pocketed win into a draw.

These two players will be significant absences for Toronto FC, where their strategy must revolve around a collective play that contributes to a victory against Chicago Fire, relying on Herdman's work to create a team effort that doesn't solely depend on Federico Bernardeschi.