The Chaos Unleashed by Toronto FC's 1-4 Defeat to Chicago Fire for Coach John Herdman

• Toronto FC coach’s statements came quickly after the match

• Never before had he felt such a bitter sensation of defeat as a coach

• The team will work hard to give their best on June 19th

The Chaos Unleashed by Toronto FC's 1-4 Defeat to Chicago Fire for Coach John Herdman.
The Chaos Unleashed by Toronto FC's 1-4 Defeat to Chicago Fire for Coach John Herdman. / SOPA Images/GettyImages

On June 15th, Toronto FC faced Chicago Fire in what turned out to be a chaotic match for TFC, as they were defeated 1-4. This result was a major disappointment for their fans after a long wait to see the team play again.

Throughout the match, Chicago Fire was lethal in front of goal. Additionally, TFC’s defensive disasters proved costly, leading to a crushing defeat. However, if there’s something positive to take away for Toronto FC, it's their decent ball control. Yet, they lack a direct approach to finishing plays, which is their main issue.

John Herdman suffered the most from this defeat, telling the media he had never felt this way about a loss before, calling the match a real disaster for TFC.

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"It's very raw at the moment. I'm very emotional about this one. I have never been this disappointed in my 30-year coaching career. Women, men, youth teams, whatever. This one stings."

John Herdman

Herdman also suggested that perhaps the team's mindset worked against them, thinking that coming into the game as the second-last team in the standings would make it easy, but it turned out to be quite the opposite.

"We recognize that Chicago is a tough team, but we didn't expect them to be a huge threat because that's not the team we’ve seen. So maybe we took them too lightly tonight."

John Herdman

He also had a message for the fans, demonstrating the great leader and coach Toronto FC has. His bravery and acknowledgment in each match help forge a group that understands situations and will better manage the mental aspect in the future.

"To the fans, we apologize tonight. We weren't at the level. We're too soft. None of the goals were acceptable. This has been a trend. Sometimes you have to put the ball in row Z. We're trying to play the ball directly in our own quarter. We keep talking about the maturity of a championship team."

John Herdman

Toronto FC's next match is on June 19th, where they will face Nashville at BMO Field. Herdman's team hopes to improve from the previous match, especially emphasizing their potential strength by welcoming back Federico Bernardeschi and Nicksoen Gomis, aiming for all three points to stay in Toronto.