Should Toronto FC Fans Be Worried?

The Reds were unsuccessful as the score remained 2-1 for the home side. This could potentially be a sign of things to come or perhaps it was all too good to be true?

Toronto FC v New York City FC
Toronto FC v New York City FC / Elsa/GettyImages

On March 16th, 2024, Toronto FC took on Eastern rivals New York City FC in what was the 4th Matchday of this still youthful Major League Soccer season.

Many fans were excited to watch as Toronto attempted to remain undefeated in the campaign, having not even conceded a goal through three straight games. Although there were some injuries (most notably TFC Goalkeeper Sean Johnson), Toronto looked sharp the game prior against Charlotte. It held on for a 1-0 win which saw Lorenzo Insigne score yet another world-class goal.

The opening minutes saw Brampton, Ontario native Jahkeele Marshall-Rutty slot one past the keeper after being played in beautifully by Alonso Coello (seriously, that assist needs to be appreciated much more than it has been).

All seemed to be going well for the Reds, that is until disaster struck in the 24th minute after a Beckham-esque free-kick goal by Santiago Rodriguez tied the game well before the half. Going into half-time, Toronto and New York City were locked in a stalemate, one that I’m sure didn’t have many TFC fans worried at the time.

The team looked to be in good shape at the start of the 2nd half until disaster struck once again when Kevin O’Toole scored a wonderful header that squeaked in under the crossbar past Luka Gavran to allow NYCFC to take the lead.

Moments later, a glimmer of hope for Toronto when NYCFC Midfielder Keaton Parks was sent off after going in hard on Kobe Franklin (Franklin would finish the game). NYCFC, now down to 10 men, saw Toronto put on some pressure, however the Reds were unsuccessful as the score remained 2-1 for the home side.

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Is it Disappointment or Uncertainty?

So, should the Reds (and their fans) be worried going forward? Could this be a sign of things to come? Was it all too good to be true? Honestly, no. Toronto FC has shown that they can perform and step up when needed under the direction of new skipper John Herdman. The players (especially Insigne) seem to be committing to the crest even more this season, something that was sorely lacking in the past.

Toronto FC also seems to be winning more tackles and clearing the ball from danger more often than last season, something that as the season progresses will only help solidify them defensively. Most importantly, they are playing as a team. One unit, with one goal. It is no longer a team that consists of two-star Italian players and “a bunch of other guys” but instead a team of Toronto FC players highlighted by the Italians.

Next. New York City FC Snatches Unbeaten Streak from Toronto FC (2-1). New York City FC Snatches Unbeaten Streak from Toronto FC (2-1). dark

No, we as fans should not be worried. This is a new team with a new captain, a new coach, and new goals. This is a team that has the potential to be dominant for 90 minutes each game. It’s still early, let’s give it some time and iron out the wrinkles.

One thing is for certain, Toronto FC just became must-watch TV. What do you think about TFC? Is this a blip in the radar or a sign of problems lurking under the surface? Tweet me @NicolasJFerrari on X and let me know! Until then, ciao for now!

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