Jordan Perruzza was placed on waivers by Toronto FC

On May 20th, it was confirmed that Toronto FC decided that the footballer Jordan Perruzza would no longer be part of the squad managed by John Herdman, and he was placed on waivers.
Jordan Perruzza was placed on waivers by Toronto FC.
Jordan Perruzza was placed on waivers by Toronto FC. / SOPA Images/GettyImages

After playing 30 matches for Toronto FC since his arrival in 2020, the footballer is practically saying goodbye to the club, as he will no longer be part of the current TFC roster. At 23 years old, he will continue his career at another club, and The Reds wish him the best of luck.

The footballer had an important start to his career, where his early steps were also built thanks to the TFC academy. Jordan Perruzza was involved in the Toronto FC academy back in 2013, when he was around 12 years old, receiving his sports training with The Reds.

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During his time since 2020, the footballer did not manage to adapt well to the Toronto FC squad. Although he played 30 matches from that year to the present, he only scored 2 goals and never managed to perform as the club had hoped.

A competitive squad

Currently, it is very difficult to find a place for Perruzza in the squad. This 2024 season, the team has presented high-level forwards, all of whom have responded very positively and competitively in every situation. Therefore, with no minutes given by John Herdman to the 23-year-old footballer, the decision to place him on waivers was the most appropriate for the club.

Both Toronto FC and The Reds' fans wish Jordan Perruzza the best of luck in his career. At his young age, he has great talent to contribute to the world of soccer.