Toronto FC's Statements After Winning the Canadian 401 Derby

In an exciting match for The Reds, they managed to thrash CF Montreal 5-1, ending nearly five years without Toronto FC defeating their classic Canadian rival in the MLS.
Toronto FC's Statements After Winning the Canadian 401 Derby.
Toronto FC's Statements After Winning the Canadian 401 Derby. / Anadolu/GettyImages

Achieving a dream for many, Toronto FC reached a very important milestone for this part of the season. This match was a key point in the MLS for Toronto FC to reaffirm the growth they have shown from one season to another, aiming to excel in every competition in 2024.

The best day for the team collectively was May 18th, and Federico Bernardeschi continues to show why he was brought to Toronto FC. With his hat-trick, he was the most decisive player on the field for The Reds.

"Seeing him score a hat-trick tonight was so special because if you go back 10 games, it was tough for him. He was struggling internally. Everyone asked: 'Will he ever score?' We just knew it would come."

John Herdman

Herdman highlighted the progress the Italian has made this season, especially after a rough start where he had a significant goal drought that left everyone expecting more from the player. But now, his form is the best it has ever been.

"We deserved a night like this. I think it's one of the best performances I've seen in Toronto. We're excited about tonight. We've lost many players, but I think when we're all together, we're a great team, honestly."

Federico Bernardeschi

Bernardeschi also spoke to the media about his joy over the victory in the derby, emphasizing the collective effort of the club under Herdman’s guidance. Toronto FC is truly playing to make the fans happy.

"Tonight was very important for the city, for the fans, for us as a team. We felt how important a match like this is for the fans. We gave it our all on the field."

Federico Bernardeschi

In conclusion, it’s important to see how TFC fans have been demanding this for years. The hunger and energy the club has shown in recent matches are enough to demonstrate their love for the shirt and to give the long-awaited joy that had been missing for several years.

This 5-1 victory will be remembered throughout history, where Toronto FC outclassed CF Montreal in a spectacular match led by the magical left foot of Federico Bernardeschi.