John Herdman: "We Have to Demand the Next Level This Season"

In a post-match interview after the MLS game against DC United on June 1st, Herdman made it clear how he perceives the club and what it needs to stay strong at this point in the season.
John Herdman: "We Have to Demand the Next Level This Season"
John Herdman: "We Have to Demand the Next Level This Season" / Anadolu/GettyImages

At this stage of the season, Toronto FC has shown great playing ability to be among the best teams in the Eastern Conference. Most notably, they have demonstrated fantastic offensive power, with all their players contributing significantly to the team’s goals.

John Herdman is Positive About the Daily Work Done by Toronto FC

Herdman asserts that the match against DC United was a total misfortune, but they will work on several aspects beyond the sporting, such as the mental, to improve in the most crucial moments of the game and not lose their composure.

"We said we would fight in every game, bring the work ethic in every game, give them a team that would entertain them and that they could be proud of. So that’s as far as we’ve come."

John Herdman

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The great work expected for this season has been carried out little by little and in the best possible way, but clearly, the objectives of this team are not just focused on surpassing what was done last season. Instead, they must demand a higher level, a level that understands why Toronto FC is capable of beating anyone.

"We have to demand the next level. I think where we started with the players we had and inherited, they’ve made great strides together. I think you can see the steps they’ve taken, but they want more. We all want more from this club, in the locker room, behind the scenes, and we’re going to keep pushing to get it."

John Herdman

The ambition shown by TFC’s coach is very positive, especially in demonstrating to the players themselves that their ability can always reach the highest level in sports, as seen in recent matches. However, they must continue working for Toronto FC to achieve the victories it needs this season.