Disappointments Keep Mounting for John Herdman with Toronto FC

• Injuries at Toronto FC damage team rotations and fatigue is building up

• Training is essential to break this losing streak

• John Herdman feels frustrated in every match played this June

Disappointments Keep Mounting for John Herdman with Toronto FC
Disappointments Keep Mounting for John Herdman with Toronto FC / Howard Smith/ISI Photos/GettyImages

On June 22nd, during their visit to New York RB, Toronto FC suffered a heavy defeat in a match where they still couldn't find the back of the net. Their effectiveness is low, and at times their play falls short of what MLS demands.

Returning to Toronto empty-handed and with a key midfield injury (Alonso Coello), Toronto FC's recent matches have been disastrous, and the team led by Herdman can't seem to find their footing during this part of the season.

A 3-0 result was the outcome for Toronto FC in their visit to New York, where Red Bulls NY were effective and secured a home victory, dealing a significant blow to TFC, who had been struggling with very negative results.

Herdman's Statements Following the 3-0 Defeat

John Herdman continues to take responsibility for Toronto FC's defeats and doesn't understand how the team, after all the work done in previous months, now appears to have forgotten it all, looking frustrated and unable to escape the depths of defeat.

"It wasn’t good enough. We know that. We keep shooting ourselves in the foot at key moments, key stages of the game. It’s a tough place to come, Herdman added. As you know, Red Bull Arena is not easy, and it’s a team that has a well-defined identity and has been able to impose that identity all season on teams here."

John Herdman

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The team must get back to work on June 24th, training hard to overcome adversities and especially focusing on their next match against Atlanta United.

"We had some good moments tonight, and we had some moments that were well below the standard required to compete in MLS. I think collectively we’ll be coming in this week to push forward. And that’s all we can do. We can’t look at what’s outside."

John Herdman

It's important to improve physical conditioning, as the injuries are implicitly affecting the team through the accumulation of matches. The rotations aren't yielding results, and injuries continue to condition TFC, making it crucial to secure a win against Atlanta United on June 29th.

"And in the moments when the guys are fatigued, you know, those passes go wrong, but then you have to have hope and we discussed this about being tight as a team so that those lanes weren’t so open in transition."

John Herdman