A forgettable night for Federico Bernardeschi with Toronto FC

In the 2-3 defeat of Toronto FC against New York City FC, a completely erratic encounter was experienced for TFC, where the Italian Federico Bernardeschi continues to score goals for the team.
A forgettable night for Federico Bernardeschi with Toronto FC.
A forgettable night for Federico Bernardeschi with Toronto FC. / SOPA Images/GettyImages

Having shown a high level in the recent matches, Federico Bernardeschi is being looked upon favorably this season, displaying an impressive level compared to previous years. It seems that the Italian has found great comfort on the right flank, where he is showcasing all his talent with his magical left foot.

A positive streak for Bernardeschi

Despite losing the match in a highly questionable game due to refereeing decisions, Bernardeschi managed to score in the match, tallying 4 goals and 1 assist in the last 3 matches for Toronto FC. This includes the match played for the Canadian Championship as well.

His great display on the right flank has made him a decisive player for TFC, contributing greatly to the team's goals with his left-footed profile, which appears to be an undeniable talent for the Italian.

However, it's not all sunshine and roses for Federico Bernardeschi, as in the last encounter, he was sent off with a double yellow card. The first card was shown in the 24th minute of the match, and the second was after the match had ended, following several unrestrained complaints towards the refereeing of the game.

The 30-year-old footballer will miss the next match on May 15th, where Toronto FC will have to visit Nashville in a highly complicated match. The history between these two teams in recent years favors TFC, but without their current star, they will have to compete on unfamiliar ground, which could prove challenging.

The frustration in the May 11th match was evident in all the players and how the mistakes on the field were costly with goals from New York City FC, who claimed the victory, leaving the Toronto FC players in a fragile position.

These (including Bernardeschi) would unleash a major protest at the end of the match, which would result in a big brawl that would especially harm Federico, resulting in a match to forget in his time with TFC.