Tyrese Spicer of Toronto FC: "I've Been Working My Whole Life for This"

Looking back on his path, Spicer attributed his success to his faith and the trust Coach John placed in him.

Derrick Williams #3 (L) and Tyrese Spicer #16 (R) seen in...
Derrick Williams #3 (L) and Tyrese Spicer #16 (R) seen in... / SOPA Images/GettyImages

In a moment that felt surreal for Tyrese Spicer, the young player expressed his gratitude and excitement after contributing significantly to Toronto FC's victory.

Reflecting on his journey, Spicer remarked, "It feels surreal. I've been working my whole life for this." He credited his faith and coach John for trusting him, acknowledging the pressure that comes with being a rookie and a first-round draft pick.

Spicer's instinctive play led to the game's decisive moment, as he deviated from his usual position to capitalize on an opportunity. Recalling the goal, Spicer said, "Normally I'd just stay out wide, but I [thought] 'Go in.' The ball came to me and I shot it." He credited his father's teachings for his ability to connect with the ball and keep his shots on target.

After scoring, Spicer's first instinct was to seek out Coach John, recognizing the role he played in granting him the opportunity. Despite the shock of the moment, Spicer managed to incorporate a celebratory knee slide before joining his teammates in jubilation.

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The match also saw Jonathan Osorio, returning from injury, making a crucial contribution that led to Prince Owusu's goal. The atmosphere at BMO Field was electric, despite challenges posed by weather and travel advisories. Spicer expressed his appreciation for the fans' support, especially considering the difficulties many faced in attending the game.

Looking ahead, Toronto FC prepares to face Sporting KC in their next match, buoyed by their recent success and the enthusiastic support of their fans. For Spicer and his teammates, the victory serves as a testament to their hard work and resilience, fueling their determination to achieve further success in the season ahead.

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