Toronto secures a 1-0 victory against New England Revolution in the MLS

The match between Toronto and New England ended with a 1-0 victory for the home team, placing Toronto in 6th position in the Eastern group pending the completion of matchday 9.
Toronto secures a 1-0 victory against New England Revolution in the MLS.
Toronto secures a 1-0 victory against New England Revolution in the MLS. / Anadolu/GettyImages

Taking to the field with a star-studded starting XI, The Reds were the favorites to win against New England. The presence of their captain Jonathan Osorio and Bernardeschi in the lineup was a crucial guarantee for this match against New England.

A goalless first half for both teams

In the first half, the match had some thrilling moments for both teams, with periods where possession was evenly distributed. However, neither team could break the deadlock, and they went into halftime with a 0-0 scoreline. Toronto had clear goal-scoring opportunities, registering 4 shots on target, with Federico Bernardeschi standing out as the standout player of the match.

Fouls were also a part of the game, with 4 players receiving yellow cards in just the first 45 minutes, 2 from Toronto and 2 from New England. By that point in the match, there were already 16 fouls committed between both teams, a factor that escalated tensions during the game.

Prince Owusu would put The Reds ahead on the scoreboard

In the second half, the deadlock was broken. In the 66th minute of the match, Toronto's top scorer, Prince Owusu, seized the moment perfectly. After a rebound from New England's defense, Marshall-Rutty would assist the German to score the decisive goal, making it 1-0.

Additionally, Toronto had a clear opportunity to extend their lead in the second half, as they were awarded a penalty in the 76th minute. However, this was missed by Federico Bernardeschi.

The match ended in victory for Toronto, with a performance that wasn't particularly outstanding from The Reds. Despite the win, the game was largely controlled by New England in terms of possession, with 60% possession for the visitors. However, the home team managed to be more clinical and secure the victory at the BMO Field.