Toronto FC's make-or-break mission

Prince Osei Owusu #25 (L) and Junior Urso #21 (R) seen in...
Prince Osei Owusu #25 (L) and Junior Urso #21 (R) seen in... / SOPA Images/GettyImages

As Toronto FC heads to Palm Beach, Florida for the initial phase of preseason, a strong message from coach John Herdman has set the tone for the team's commitment to a new direction. Jonathan Osorio shared that the challenge posed by Herdman has been met positively by the entire squad, emphasizing the clarity of expectations and standards discussed during their preparations.

The off-season has not only been a period of rest and recovery but also a time to reset and refocus. Herdman acknowledges the difficulty of this task, highlighting the crucial role of the leadership group in guiding the team through this transition.

The leadership team, including Osorio, Lorenzo Insigne, Federico Bernardeschi, Sean Johnson, and Shane O’Neill, has been instrumental in addressing issues and initiating important conversations to create a cohesive and united environment.

Herdman commends the dedication of the leadership group, noting their efforts to reclaim the locker room and bring clarity to the team's train-to-win strategy and high-performance framework. The coach expresses his satisfaction with the progress made over the past three months, during which he, along with Robyn Gayle, has worked closely with the leaders, conducting virtual meetings from different parts of the world.

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The focus on developing a robust leadership team reflects Herdman's belief that their strength will determine the team's success. The leaders, having experienced championship victories and significant achievements in competitions like the MLS and international tournaments, bring a wealth of experience to guide Toronto FC on its new journey. As preseason commences, the team looks forward to building on this foundation and translating their preparation into on-field success.