Toronto FC's intense preseason kickoff in Florida

Charlotte FC v Toronto FC
Charlotte FC v Toronto FC / Vaughn Ridley/GettyImages

In Palm Beach, Florida, Toronto FC is in the midst of intense preseason preparations. Head coach John Herdman provided an update on Tuesday, sharing the latest news and developments from the training camp.

Herdman expressed satisfaction with the team's health, stating, "Everyone's healthy. That's a massive opportunity for us to take a good step forward." He reassured that young player Tyrese Spicer is in the return-to-play phase, with no major concerns.

The first week in Florida has been described as energetic, with players feeling the intensity of the training sessions. Despite some soreness, they have enjoyed their time off, creating a positive atmosphere. Herdman emphasized the commitment of the players, describing them as a fully committed group working hard and in good spirits.

As the start of the season looms on the horizon, Herdman and his coaching staff are pushing the players through rigorous training. Since their arrival on January 16, Toronto FC will stay in Florida until early February, focusing on establishing a strong foundation for the upcoming year.

Herdman highlighted the busy schedule, including full days and one-on-one meetings between players and unit coaches. These meetings involve goal-setting for the season and establishing statistical norms for positional profiles.

Tactical meetings are a daily occurrence, aiming to help players understand the team's identity and principles of play. Some sessions take place live inside the ballroom, with the ball in motion, while others follow standard presentations.

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As Toronto FC dives headfirst into the challenges of their preseason in Florida, fans can't help but feel the excitement building for the upcoming season. With a healthy squad, a committed group of players, and an energetic atmosphere, the team is poised for success.