Toronto FC's Bernardeschi remains a target for Lazio

Toronto FC v DC United
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Sunday holds immense significance for Lazio, not just because of the anticipated clash between Zaccardi and his teammates against Napoli. The ongoing transfer market continues to dominate Sarri's agenda as he seeks to secure three crucial points for Europa League contention.

According to reports from Corriere delle Sport, the Lazio camp is abuzz with preparations for a pivotal meeting between Lotito and Fabiani, slated for tonight or, at the latest, tomorrow.

A potential victory for Lazio in today's match could serve as a catalyst, providing President Lotito with added impetus to make strategic investments in the waning days of the January transfer window.

Sarri's priorities are crystal clear: he eagerly awaits the acquisition of a winger who can not only bolster the team's roster but also make an immediate impact on the pitch. The upcoming meeting between Lotito and Fabiani holds the promise of last-minute and intriguing transfer moves.

Lotito's strategic plans may soon materialize if the meeting with Fabiani provides the necessary clarity for the president. From Cambiaghi to Bernardeschi, and even the prospect of Gil with El Ghazi in the background, Lazio has explored numerous options in the transfer market. The sporting director and the president, during their impending meeting, will meticulously evaluate all available market opportunities.

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Additionally, discussions will ensue regarding the crucial matter of Zaccagni's contract renewal, a player whom Lazio is steadfastly determined not to lose. As the club navigates this critical juncture, the potential outcomes of the meeting could shape Lazio's trajectory not only in the transfer market but also on the field in the coming weeks.