Toronto FC's Absences to Face Atlanta United in MLS Matchday 23

• Toronto FC may have 4 possible absences for MLS Matchday 23.
• Replacements must step up with strong performances to cover these absences.
• A match preview where both teams need points for the Eastern Conference.
Toronto FC's Absences to Face Atlanta United in MLS Matchday 23
Toronto FC's Absences to Face Atlanta United in MLS Matchday 23 / SOPA Images/GettyImages

The absences for Toronto FC's match against Atlanta United this Saturday have been revealed. In addition to the absences due to the Copa America, there are 4 possible absences for this game.

The match comes with a lot of pressure for Toronto FC, especially since they must win to avoid losing more points, which they desperately need in the Eastern Conference. Therefore, in an exciting match preview, it will be crucial to secure a victory as visitors.

Absences for This Match

These players are dealing with various physical issues, specifically injuries, and have not yet fully recovered. Additionally, there is an injury to an important midfielder.

  • Alonso Coello - Thigh (Out)
  • Brandon Servania - Knee (Out)
  • Tyrese Spicer - Low Back (Out)
  • Matty Longstaff - Knee (Questionable)

These players will miss the match against Atlanta United, except for Longstaff, who is questionable, and a final decision will be made by John Herdman closer to the match. Longstaff has traveled with the team.

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For Atlanta United, there is only one injury absence and two others due to international competitions with their respective national teams. This means that Atlanta United will not be significantly affected for this match, as they will have most of their key players available to compete against TFC.

In a crucial moment of the season for Toronto FC, they will need to overcome adversities like injuries, especially those occurring on the field. It is hoped that the training week between the last match and this one will yield fruitful results from Herdman's work with the team.

How do you see Toronto FC for this match against Atlanta United?