Toronto FC ranks second in the most expensive MLS experience for fans

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According to a study by Lucky Gambler, the New England Revolution tops the charts as the most expensive MLS soccer team for fans, with the average cost of a jersey reaching $102.04. Lucky Gambler's index considered various factors, including ticket prices, hotel costs, meals, transportation, and jersey prices, to determine the overall expense of attending a soccer game.

New England Revolution's high ranking is attributed to the elevated cost of living in Foxborough, where the team is based. The study revealed that the average cost of living in Foxborough is 38% higher than the national average and 11% higher than the Massachusetts state average.

Toronto FC claims the second spot as the second most expensive team, with an average ticket price of $134 at the BMO Field and a hotel stay within 2 miles costing $396.91. Charlotte FC follows closely as the third most expensive, with a taxi nearby averaging $4.97 per km.

The impact of these costs on fans is significant, particularly considering the additional expenses such as meals and transportation. Lucky Gambler emphasizes that attending a soccer game involves more than just the ticket price, as travel, food, and hotel costs contribute to the overall expenditure. The study underscores the rising prices of jerseys, which are now surpassing the cost of a single game ticket.

In contrast, Minnesota United emerges as the most budget-friendly team for fans, with an average jersey cost of $88.21. Located in Saint Paul, the team offers an average ticket price of $96 and affordable transportation with a taxi costing $1.55 per km.

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As fans weigh the financial implications of supporting their favorite teams, the affordability of attending matches becomes a crucial factor.