Toronto FC parts ways with President Bill Manning

• Bill Manning's 9 years of leadership at Toronto FC
• Recent years have been failures for TFC, leading to a decision for a new direction
• An important moment for Toronto FC with the transfer window approaching
Toronto FC parts ways with President Bill Manning
Toronto FC parts ways with President Bill Manning / Roberto Machado Noa/GettyImages

After nearly 9 years in charge as president, Bill Manning has reached an agreement with the club to step down, ending a long tenure marked by various football and administrative ups and downs.

MLSE announced that Bill will no longer be the president of TFC, issuing a statement expressing gratitude for his management over the years with The Reds but emphasizing the need for a new direction for the institution.

"Bill will always be an important part of the championship history for both clubs, but as we evaluate the path forward and align with our ambition to consistently deliver contending teams, it was determined that a new direction was required. Bill is a very accomplished team executive and a good man, and we wish him and his family all the best in the future."


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A journey with various ups and downs for Toronto FC

For Toronto FC over the past 9 years, it started with a splendid phase for the club, where the joys were numerous, and the era of Sebastian Giovinco was the best in the club's history. However, the current management leaves much to be desired, and it is hoped that this new direction will be ideal and align with the team's needs, offering positive results in every possible aspect.

The last phase has been very challenging for the club, with the last 3 years being filled with failures, including rotating through 3 different coaches during this sports phase. The current coach, John Herdman, seems unable to make a difference compared to the previous coaches.

Toronto FC is already facing 7 consecutive defeats, making this season catastrophic at this moment, after starting 2024 on the right foot. However, the team has slowly faded, causing significant frustration among TFC fans. Rumors of a possible departure of Herdman if the team doesn't make the Playoffs are very likely.

The last match, this past July 10th, seems to have been the catalyst for this decision that was about to be made, leading to Bill Manning leaving the club. Moreover, with the transfer window approaching, TFC deserves positive management heading into this transfer market.