Toronto FC fans disapprove of alleged new jersey leaks

Toronto FC fans seen watching the game during 2018 MLS...
Toronto FC fans seen watching the game during 2018 MLS... / SOPA Images/GettyImages

Toronto FC is in the spotlight as a purported new jersey leaks online, triggering a wave of discontent among fans. Waking the Red, a notable soccer news site, shared the recent leak on social media, and the majority of comments are far from favorable.

Fans express their displeasure with remarks like "Dislike. Would not buy it ", "It looks like a computer mouse??? Don’t like because of that," and "I like the logo change for the away kit, but I think white with some red stripes would have been better."

As the controversy surrounding the leaked Toronto FC jersey continues to unfold, the club's management has yet to make an official statement regarding the authenticity of the design. The absence of clarification from the team has only fueled speculation and debates among fans.

The overall sentiment is a unanimous agreement among fans that the leaked jersey appears fake, lacks quality, and lacks the distinctive personality associated with the club's iconic jerseys. The disappointment is palpable, with supporters voicing concerns about the potential departure from the team's traditional aesthetics.

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While it's clear that the responses are overwhelmingly negative, the authenticity of the leaked jersey remains uncertain. Fans are left questioning whether this leak is a genuine preview of the upcoming kit or simply the work of an internet prankster. The skepticism in the comments suggests that supporters are not ready to embrace the leaked design as the official representation of their beloved team. Only time will tell if this leak is a credible glimpse into the future or merely an online jest that momentarily stirred the Toronto FC fanbase.