Toronto FC Extends This Player’s Contract Until 2026

For Toronto FC, maintaining a strong defensive line is crucial, and their priority is to have the best players in the club. Therefore, they have decided to extend the contract of this key player.
Toronto FC Extends This Player’s Contract Until 2026.
Toronto FC Extends This Player’s Contract Until 2026. / Andrew Katsampes/ISI Photos/GettyImages

With a positive season for Toronto FC, the club has decided to secure a critical position for the long term, specifically the goalkeeper. TFC has renewed their American goalkeeper’s contract for another year, with an option extending up to 2026.

Sean Johnson, the MLS Veteran, Stays with Toronto FC

Sean Johnson, the historic MLS goalkeeper, will continue wearing the colors of Toronto FC for an extended period. This season, he has been one of the best in his position, even achieving one of the most significant records in his career and the league: 100 clean sheets in his MLS career.

Johnson's contract was set to expire this season, but TFC's management has ensured that the 35-year-old goalkeeper, one of the best in his position, continues to wear The Reds' colors.

"I’m excited to extend my time in Toronto. The fans have welcomed me with open arms since I arrived. TFC has a rich history of success, and I’m committed to giving my all to add more special moments for the club and the city."

Sean Johnson

Sean Johnson has consistently expressed gratitude towards the team and its fans, always performing at his best to keep a clean sheet and providing strong support for Toronto FC by guarding the goal effectively.

However, is this a complete success for TFC? While Sean is already 35 years old, there is a significant talent waiting in the wings: the young goalkeeper Luka Gavran, who is 24 years old and has immense potential. However, his playing time has been limited due to Johnson’s dominance in the goal.

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Additionally, there is a concern regarding the salary of the 35-year-old goalkeeper, which was already at its peak, and it is hoped that this has not increased. On the other hand, his renewal is not entirely negative, considering TFC’s highly competitive schedule, playing twice a week, requiring good rotation.

What is certain is that for the next year, Luka Gavran should be the starting goalkeeper, further unlocking his potential to defend Toronto FC’s colors and helping the club achieve its much-desired goals.