Today in History: Giovinco's Toronto FC saga, a decade of goals and glory

New England Revolution Vs Toronto FC
New England Revolution Vs Toronto FC / Tim Clayton - Corbis/GettyImages

Nine years ago today, Toronto FC announced the arrival of the Atomic Ant, Sebastian Giovinco, as a designated player for the 2015 season. A two-time Serie A champion with Juventus FC, he went on to amass 68 goals and 41 assists in 114 MLS matches.

Giovinco's journey to Toronto FC began after the completion of the Serie A season in July 2015. He signed a groundbreaking five-year contract with an annual salary of $7 million, securing his position as the highest-paid player in MLS at the time.

In a spectacular debut on July 12, 2015, Giovinco recorded Toronto FC's first-ever hat-trick in MLS play during a thrilling 4–4 draw against New York City FC at Yankee Stadium. Notably, it was the third-fastest hat trick in the league's history, achieved in just 9 minutes. Giovinco also played a crucial role in setting up the fourth goal and showcased his versatility by taking a penalty, albeit missing.

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Adding to his remarkable contributions, Giovinco came off the bench on October 14, scoring the decisive goal in a 2–1 home victory over the New York Red Bulls. His dribbling run and left-footed strike secured Toronto FC's qualification for the MLS playoffs, marking a historic moment in the club's history. The Atomic Ant's legacy continues to resonate as a pivotal chapter in Toronto FC's journey.