This is Toronto FC's Starting Eleven to Face Nashville in MLS

• Federico Bernardeschi and Lorenzo Insigne are in Toronto FC's starting lineup after several games without playing together

• A change in mentality is expected during the match compared to the previous game

• Nicksoen Gomis also returns for this match

This is Toronto FC's Starting Eleven to Face Nashville in MLS.
This is Toronto FC's Starting Eleven to Face Nashville in MLS. / SOPA Images/GettyImages

After a humiliating defeat in their previous game, Toronto FC hopes to secure a victory at BMO Field against Nashville, led by the talented Italians.

Toronto FC is missing six players for this match, with three of them away with their national teams for the Copa America. The other three absences due to injury are O'Neill, Servania, and Spicer. Otherwise, Herdman's usual squad is available for the game.

The much-anticipated return of Federico Bernardeschi is confirmed at BMO Field, along with Nicksoen Gomis. Additionally, Prince Owusu, who was on the bench previously, is also available in the starting lineup under John Herdman.

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Toronto FC Starting XI

Luka Gavran - Raoul Petretta, Kevin Long, Nicksoen Gomis - Federico Bernardeschi, Deybi Flores, Alonso Coello, Matty Longstaff, Lorenzo Insigne - Prince Owusu, Derrick Etienne Jr.

Toronto FC Substitutes

Ranjitsingh, Franklin, Kerr, Mabika, Mailula, Marshall-Rutty, Rosted, Staniland, Thompson

Good news returns for TFC in this match, but above all, they hope to see a competitive team that demonstrates the leadership of several players on the field.

With Lorenzo Insigne as captain, it is expected that he will steer the team and, together with Federico Bernardeschi, elevate The Reds' offense to the next level, being effective in front of goal and helping restore Prince Owusu's scoring confidence.

On the bench is Charlie Staniland, the young midfielder from Toronto FC II, who received a short-term contract with the team before this match against Nashville, making him available on the bench in case an opportunity arises for the young TFC prospect to debut.

In a few minutes, the team will take to the field and play their MLS match against Nashville, hoping to secure three points at BMO Field with a mentality and gameplay completely different from what was seen on June 15.