The sanction imposed by the MLS on Toronto FC after the aggression vs New York City FC

This past May 11, one of the most painful matches for Toronto FC was experienced, where after being defeated at home 2-3, they suffered a strong brawl at the end of the match, which will bring difficult consequences for the club.
The sanction imposed by the MLS on Toronto FC after the aggression vs New York City FC.
The sanction imposed by the MLS on Toronto FC after the aggression vs New York City FC. / SOPA Images/GettyImages

With an adverse result for TFC, the helplessness experienced on the field led to several complaints towards the referees after the final whistle, and this generated a rather problematic brawl between both New York City FC and Toronto FC players. This even ended up in punches and strong aggressions.

For all that was experienced in this encounter, John Herdman emphasized how it was almost a pending appointment against New York City FC, as the match in March allegedly saw the opposing coach hitting the 19-year-old player Jahkeele Marshall-Rutty.

These are the sanctions for TFC after the aggressions experienced at Yankee Stadium

The sanction towards Toronto FC has already been announced, with several involved following the brawl on May 11. Here are the sanctioned players and how many games each will miss in the upcoming MLS rounds.

  • Richie Laryea (3 Games)
  • Prince Owusu (2 Games)
  • Sean Johnson (1 Game)
  • John Herdman (1 Game)
  • Strahinja Tanasijević (2 Games)

It is expected that on Wednesday the club will seek to appeal this and manage to reduce several matches for some players or even completely eradicate these sanctions. However, it seems that for the match next May 15 against Nashville, there will be several rotations in the team, given the consequences of the aggression.

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A tough visit for TFC facing Nashville

Although not mentioned in the statement, Federico Bernardeschi will also miss a game due to what happened vs New York City. However, the Italian was expelled for two yellow cards, due to his heated complaints towards the referees, and will begin serving the suspension this coming May 15 against Nashville.

All these implications do not bode well for the team, which, although coming from an incredible streak and slowly regaining confidence among the club and its fans, as after several years of constant failures, it seems that this year the goal of competing at least in the Playoffs is on the right track, and thinking ahead to a project that keeps them always alive in the MLS is ideal.