The Need for a Strategic Change for Toronto FC

• A possible lineup to turn things around

• A tactical change is what Toronto FC needs

• The negative streak has lasted for 7 weeks

The Need for a Strategic Change for Toronto FC
The Need for a Strategic Change for Toronto FC / SOPA Images/GettyImages

In this final stretch of the season, Toronto FC has experienced a tragic string of consecutive losses in MLS. The team has struggled tactically, and the players seem affected by this negative streak.

John Herdman has not found a solution in daily work and training sessions. The last victory for Toronto FC was on May 18 against CF Montreal, where they won the 401 Derby with a resounding victory.

However, since then, they have only faced losses and draws, which is concerning as the season enters a crucial phase for MLS, the Canadian Championship, and the Leagues Cup.

The Need for Tactical Change

A change in strategy is crucial for the team. Since John Herdman's arrival, the 3-5-2 formation has been heavily utilized. Although it yielded positive results early in the season, recent outcomes have been overwhelmingly negative, highlighting the need for a tactical shift.

A 4-2-3-1 formation could be an interesting alternative, finally utilizing full-backs to provide better defensive coverage. This change could benefit players like Marshall Rutty, Federico Bernardeschi, and Lorenzo Insigne, who would have less defensive responsibility and could focus more on the attack, even occupying important midfield spaces that are crucial for such influential players.

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Implementing a New Formation

John Herdman and the sporting staff should consider adopting this formation to improve the team and end the negative streak. The next match for Toronto FC is against Forge in the Canadian Championship, which could be an opportunity to test a completely different tactic.

Achieving positive results is essential to break the losing streak and start winning again, maintaining the level of impeccable sportsmanship that Toronto FC had previously showcased.

Finally, the decision rests with the coach, and it will be interesting to see what Herdman decides for the next match. Here at Toronto Reds, we believe the team should line up with this formation for the match against Forge.