Sneak peek or fake leak? Toronto FC's mysterious new jersey

Toronto FC v Charlotte FC
Toronto FC v Charlotte FC / Steve Limentani/ISI Photos/GettyImages

In a surprising turn of events, a potential new Toronto FC jersey has surfaced, leaving fans questioning its authenticity. This clandestine release follows a pattern seen in previous years, where supporters stumble upon a new kit hanging inconspicuously in a store.

Several notable features characterize this rumored jersey. The badge prominently displays the club's new crest, already featured on social media and branding materials.

Distinctive light grey graphics in the shape of the new shield adorn the front of the shirt, drawing attention from fans. Described by a Reddit user as resembling "mouse-looking things," these graphics supposedly symbolize the clicks Bill Manning used on Transfrmarker to discover new players.

The red collar and cuffs, along with red Adidas stripes on the shoulders and the Adidas logo on the right breast, maintain the team's traditional color scheme. In the center, the BMO shirt sponsor stands out in black, deviating from its usual red color, likely to meet sponsorship visibility requirements.

Observant fans noticed the presence of the term "Aeroready" on the bottom-left, accompanied by a triangle patch that reads "authentic." This detail, shared with a recently leaked LAFC jersey also produced by Adidas, raises questions about its legitimacy.

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Adding to the mystery, the bottom-right of the jersey bears the words "Global Toronto Area." This unfamiliar phrase raises suspicions about the jersey's authenticity, potentially signaling a fabrication or, if genuine, prompting the club to clarify its meaning. As fans eagerly await official confirmation or clarification from the club, the intrigue surrounding the potential new jersey continues to grow.