Sean Johnson Reaches 100 Clean Sheets in MLS!

This past May 29th, Toronto FC played against Philadelphia Union, ending in a 0-0 draw, and Sean Johnson made history in the MLS.
Sean Johnson Reaches 100 Clean Sheets in MLS!
Sean Johnson Reaches 100 Clean Sheets in MLS! / Andrew Katsampes/ISI Photos/GettyImages

The Toronto FC goalkeeper, Sean Johnson, has been participating in the MLS for several years, having played for various teams throughout his career. In each of them, he has left a significant mark, becoming a crucial figure for the United States.

On this occasion, Sean Johnson had a great impact on the match to reach this milestone in his career. One particular save was crucial in keeping a clean sheet and preventing Toronto FC's defeat against Philadelphia Union. That save practically ensured the clean sheet in this match.

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Sean's Journey in the MLS

At 34 years old, the Toronto FC goalkeeper has had a remarkable year with TFC, playing 34 matches and achieving 9 clean sheets with The Reds. The remaining matches contributing to this milestone were played with New York City FC and Chicago Fire.

"He's starting to become an MLS legend. He's currently at 400 games and probably doesn’t get the recognition he deserves."

John Herdman

With these words from his current coach, John Herdman, Sean Johnson received significant recognition for his sports career, which has been worthy of legend status in the MLS. He has been a key figure since starting his career with Chicago Fire in 2010 and continues to solidify his position as Toronto FC's starting goalkeeper at 34 years old.

Sean Johnson is fundamental for Toronto FC, consistently showcasing his best abilities and highlighting why he deserves more recognition for his outstanding MLS career.