Richie Laryea returns to training with Toronto FC

The 29-year-old footballer is back in training following his injury against FC Cincinnati in the MLS.
Richie Laryea returns to training with Toronto FC.
Richie Laryea returns to training with Toronto FC. / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages

Richie Laryea had the misfortune of getting injured in his MLS debut, where he only played 69 minutes against FC Cincinnati before being forced off due to a hamstring injury. This injury was treated with great care, requiring surgery to properly address Laryea's condition.

The Canadian footballer has missed 10 games in 2024, with 9 absences in the MLS and 1 in the Canadian Championship, making him a significant loss for TFC at right-back.

A Glimpse at Richie Laryea's Recent Career Trajectory

Since 2019, Laryea has been a key player for Toronto FC, primarily operating on the right flank. However, in 2022, he was signed by Nottingham Forest in England for €3.4 million. His time at the English club was short-lived, as multiple loans back to Toronto FC and a stint with the Vancouver Whitecaps prevented him from settling in England. He was re-signed in February 2024 for €700,000, returning to Toronto FC to continue his career with the Canadian club.

His start to 2024 against CF Cincinnati was painfully cut short due to his MLS debut injury, and his recovery is expected to take around 7 more weeks, making him available by late June.

The TFC infirmary remains crowded, and the club's restrictions for coping with 2024 have only increased. However, it is hoped that by July, the team will have almost all of its squad at 100% fitness, and most importantly, that no further injuries occur on the path to that date, to avoid compounding the club's injury woes."