Osorio: Toronto's heartbeat ready for World Cup Glory!

Toronto FC v Portland Timbers - Pre-Season Friendly
Toronto FC v Portland Timbers - Pre-Season Friendly / Matthew Ashton - AMA/GettyImages

Toronto FC's beloved captain and Canada international, Jonathan Osorio, recently shared his deep connection with his hometown and the excitement building around the FIFA World Cup 2026. Despite tempting opportunities elsewhere, Osorio has stayed true to Toronto throughout his illustrious career, earning accolades as the "essence of Toronto FC." Now appointed as the club captain, Osorio's commitment is reciprocated by the city and the club.

As Toronto prepares to host Canada's opening match in the 2026 World Cup, Osorio sees this as a rare and thrilling opportunity. The prospect of representing his country and club in his home stadium during such a momentous event is a powerful motivator. Osorio expresses his goal of revitalizing Toronto FC's competitiveness leading up to the World Cup, contributing to the city's fervor for the tournament.

In an interview with FIFA, Osorio acknowledges the significance of Toronto FC's success in the league as crucial to the World Cup's buildup in the city. He emphasizes the importance of returning the club to contender status, aligning with his aspiration to be a strong contender for the home World Cup.

Osorio's dedication to both club and country exemplifies the passion driving Toronto FC as they gear up for the prestigious tournament.

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As Toronto FC's appearance record holder with 341 games and counting, Osorio's leadership and determination are integral to the team's aspirations. With the World Cup on the horizon, Osorio's vision extends beyond personal accomplishments, aiming to elevate Toronto FC to new heights in the league and set the stage for an unforgettable home World Cup experience.