Nashville vs Toronto FC | TFC Absences for this Encounter

As is customary every week, the MLS informs us about the absentees of each team for the MLS matchdays, and this time was no exception, with TFC presenting 6 significant absences.
Nashville vs Toronto FC | TFC Absences for this Encounter.
Nashville vs Toronto FC | TFC Absences for this Encounter. / SOPA Images/GettyImages

Leading up to this match, Toronto FC, given their current form, is the favorite to win this game. However, their absences play a bad hand, and going to visit Nashville without their main figure seems like quite a challenge to snatch victory.

Nashville has been going through a rough patch in recent games, still not settling properly into this MLS season, and their position in the Eastern Conference is one of the least favorable. Hosting the fourth-best team in this conference could pose certain problems for them.

The absences of Toronto FC

The MLS released the statement of absences for each club for matchday 14, where although Toronto FC has several injured players, their main figure will not be available due to the expulsion experienced on May 11.

  • Bernardeschi - Red Card
  • Long - Not Due to Injury
  • Rutty - Thigh
  • O’Neill - Thigh
  • Osorio - Thigh
  • Servania - Knee (mid-June/early July)

With these 6 footballers unavailable, TFC won't be able to count on them on May 15, and the absence of Federico Bernardeschi is the most significant. However, the presence of Lorenzo Insigne is expected to mitigate the major absence currently experienced by Berna in Toronto FC.

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In a highly important match for both clubs, Nashville also has its share of absentees. As reported by the MLS, they have 2 absent players and 3 who are still questionable, and it will only be known at the last moment what will happen with them.

For Toronto FC, the quest for victory will be a very important challenge, where after the rotations that will occur for this match, finding the formula to take home the 3 points is crucial.

Fans fervently hope that John Herdman can work appropriately on all the shortcomings experienced on May 11 against New York City FC, always leading the team towards continuous improvement to make it to the playoffs in 2024.