Nashville (2-0) Toronto FC | Another Defeat for TFC

For the match of matchday 14 of the MLS, an intriguing encounter unfolded in the Eastern Conference as Toronto FC visited Nashville, where the hosts managed to prevail with a 2-0 scoreline.
Nashville (2-0) Toronto FC | Another Away Defeat for TFC.
Nashville (2-0) Toronto FC | Another Away Defeat for TFC. / SOPA Images/GettyImages

On May 15th, MLS matchday 14 took place, with TFC traveling to Tennessee with several absentees due to injuries and suspensions imposed by the MLS following altercations in the match against New York City FC on May 11th.

With this starting XI lining up in a 3-5-2 formation, TFC took to the field: Gavran - Rosted, Mabika, Gomis - Spicer, Longstaff, Coello, Thompson, Petettra - Etienne, Kerr.

The match is decided in the final stretch

In a first half without much ball possession, Toronto FC defended well, preventing the home team from threatening Luka Gavran's goal. Nashville managed only one shot off-target in the entire first half, showing discomfort with the ball but without creating any dangerous chances.

The second half of the match saw a slightly more competitive pace in search of goals. However, the home team's position remained unchanged, but both teams increased their shot attempts. It was to the extent that in the 81st and 91st minutes of the match (Shaq Moore and Teal Bunbury would score), Nashville scored two goals to seal the game and secure all three points.

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A tough moment for TFC

With this tough defeat for TFC, they find themselves in an unfavorable position in the Eastern Conference, sitting 6th in the MLS, gradually slipping away from the top spot. This loss marks their second consecutive defeat in the MLS.

Following Toronto FC's defeat, they must immediately focus on their next match against one of their major rivals, CF Montreal, on May 18th. Both Canadian teams will be looking to continue accumulating points in the Eastern Conference in pursuit of the playoffs.