MLS highlights Prince Owusu for his goal with Toronto FC

In the past matchday 9 of the MLS, Prince Owusu managed to lead Toronto FC to victory in a tough match against New England Revolution.
MLS highlights Prince Owusu for his goal with Toronto FC.
MLS highlights Prince Owusu for his goal with Toronto FC. / SOPA Images/GettyImages

On April 20th, BMO Field witnessed a great match for matchday 9 of the MLS, where despite the lack of goals, the spectacle and pace of a frenetic match would be up to entertainment standards.

With chances created by both clubs, it was Toronto FC who would win the contest, with Prince Owusu scoring a fantastic goal to secure a 1-0 victory against New England. The match would highlight The Reds in a great way this matchday, with the top scorer of this match featured in a special section of the day.

Nominated for MLS Goal of the Week, Prince Owusu

On its social media channels, the MLS would mention the German forward among the best goals of the weekend, where Prince Owusu would be competing against Thiago Almada, Steven Moreira, and Celio Pompeu, who were also highlighted for their goals scored in their respective matches on matchday 9 of the championship.

While Prince Owusu scored a fantastic goal for TFC's triumph, unfortunately, in the voting for this goal, he is not receiving the expected support. Despite being one of the best, his competitors for this category are not far behind and also provide excitement for the audience with their goals.

Currently, the German is at 14% in the survey conducted by the MLS, placing him last in this recognition among the 4 competitors for the best goal of the matchday.

The recognition for The Reds on this matchday was very important besides securing the 3 points and staying within the playoffs after this match. The level of their players has been increasing, with great performances both individually and collectively contributing to the positive progress of the team led by John Herdman.